Rewards and Benefits

Our dedicated rewards team ensure we offer a flexible package to colleagues, providing rewards and benefits for you to pick and choose that suit you best. We’ve worked hard on the flexible nature of our offer, as what might appeal to one colleague may be completely different for another. We want to give you the opportunity to pick and choose what suits you and your lifestyle outside of work.

We offer a competitive benchmarked core package with bonus arrangement, pension scheme and life cover for all, but also understand that some perks might be hugely beneficial to some colleagues and less so to others. We’re constantly developing an offer for our colleagues that offers so much more than the obvious.

Of course, many of our rewards and benefits are variable based on the role you apply for, but here are some of the highlights you might expect to be offered when you join us:

Our Policies

Maternity policy

We are passionate about attracting and retaining more women into our business and have recently upgraded both the financial and personal support we offer our employees whilst on maternity leave. We are working hard on strengthening all our people policies to ensure inclusion for all. Some of the key elements of our maternity policy can are below:

  • Enhanced maternity pay from three to six months
  • Company funded pension contributions will continue during Statutory Maternity Pay
  • Ramp down to leave and ramp up to return to work – no impact on pay
  • Maternity buddy – to provide an enhanced way to keep in touch and support you during your return to work.

Paternity policy

There are endless benefits to taking paternity leave for the whole family – from supporting your child’s development to gaining confidence in your parenting. Highlights from the new policy include:

  • Two weeks full pay (must meet the criteria detailed in full policy)
  • Additional paternity leave
  • Time off for antenatal care
  • Extra support for IVF and fertility treatments
  • Phased work return
Menopause policy

The Menopause policy supports our employees who experience menopausal symptoms which may impact their lives at home and at work.

Tarmac is committed to creating a caring, inclusive and supportive environment in which employees feel they can openly and confidently start conversations about Menopause and ask for any support and adjustments if required.

Hybrid working

Since the pandemic our ways of working have adjusted, and we have been continuously working towards adapting and supporting a blended style on where to work. We are committed towards supporting hybrid working, with a blend of time in the office and time at home.

We are currently utilising a blend of three days at home and two days in an office, with the intention of office-days being utilised for team collaboration and essential meetings. We are continuously reviewing our approach and ask for feedback from our colleagues via ‘Your Voice’ surveys and are seeing teams discuss and agree an approach which works best for them on an individual basis.

Please note that many operational roles are not able to factor in any home-based time at all due to the need to be on site.

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