Inclusion and Diversity


Inclusion and diversity are core focus areas for our business, as we constantly strive to showcase and provide opportunities to a diverse audience, as well as make anyone and everyone who joins Tarmac feel included, welcomed and comfortable being themselves.

Our values help us work together to achieve our vision:

  1. Building on our success
    We want to let everyone know they are welcome by showing how diverse our workforce already is. We’re constantly monitoring and reviewing our hiring data regularly to ensure we practice what we preach.

  2. Attracting diverse talent
    We are dedicated to finding innovative ways to source and attract talent that genuinely reflects the communities we operate in. Our employee communities help guide and educate our business on best practice.

  3. Offering equal opportunities
    We are committed to providing the same opportunities for development and progression for everybody who works for us. Robust talent plans are put in place to ensure everyone is getting the same level of commitment to progression and development.

  4. Ensuring inclusive leadership
    Our leadership style is inspiring and inclusive, helping everyone who works for us to realise their full potential. We’re always encouraging senior leaders in our business to tell their own stories, or act as allies for our employee communities.

Our Communities

We understand that lived experiences and shared conversations are essential to ensuring that all colleagues feel at home in our business, and that feedback is collected and shared respectfully with those who can impact change. Our employee communities have been set up to facilitate conversations and change for the better, bringing together those from a variety of backgrounds to discuss both their personal and work-based experiences. Some of our communities so far include:


The LGBTQ+ Community is a social group with over 100 members of the community and allies. It provides support on LGBTQ+ matters, shares information and knowledge and is a safe social space. There is also a private group for those colleagues who want to remain anonymous with the wider business but still reap the benefits of the community.

Parents and carers

The Parents and Carers Group is an active space with well over 150 members sharing resources, ideas and knowledge as well as promoting and collaborating with other communities.


The Ability Community is a hub for all those who have a disability or super-strength in Tarmac. They aim to make the business as accessible as possible both in a physical and literal sense.

Female voice

The Female Voice Community was set up for women in the business to share their experiences and discuss any changes they would like to see within Tarmac. It has been a great way to introduce new projects such as the welfare audit and women's PPE and maternity PPE.


The Menopause Community was set up on the back of the Female Voice Community. This is a closed group for all employees that are going through Menopause to share their experiences and support one another.


The Sustainability community features over 150 members sharing ideas about both personal and company-wide sustainability and is closely linked with Tarmac's own sustainability strategy.


The REACH Community is a space for BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) colleagues to share knowledge and offer support. The name REACH stands for Religious, Ethnic, and Cultural Heritage. The group has over 100 members.

Health and wellbeing

The Health and Wellbeing Community was set up to be a safe space for members to talk about health and wellbeing in the workplace, any challenges they have faced and any resources available for further support.

Early Careers

The Early Careers Community was set up for all graduates, higher apprentices and apprentices to be able to network with one another whether they have recently joined the business or have been with Tarmac for a few years. It is a great way to share experiences and connect.

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