Early Careers

Starting your first job is a very exciting time and we believe the process should be as well.
That’s why we have kept it simple.

We offer a variety of programmes and development opportunities from the minute you join us and are constantly looking to give you knowledge and skills to build a successful career.



Apprentices and Higher Apprentices


Established track record

We are proud members of the 5% club which means we’re striving to have 5% of our workforce enrolled on earn and learn schemes. This includes graduate programmes, apprenticeships, three month placements and twelve month internships.

We currently have 380 people in earn and learn roles at Tarmac and are constantly striving to give opportunities to applicants from all backgrounds, industries and levels of experience. We look at the skills you have, how you work and interact with others and what you want to achieve. We’ll give you the tools and support to shape your own career.

Training and Development

Our programmes follow the 70:20:10 model (70% on the job learning, 20% through coaching and mentoring and 10% through formal qualifications). This gives you with practical experience, as well as interactive formal and informal learning. Along the way you will be given the right support to make a positive impact on our business and start to shape your career.

All of our early careers population are given a line manager and a mentor, to help support the transition to the world of work, or if you’ve got experience elsewhere, into the construction industry. They will help you develop the first key skills you’ll need to be safe and effective in your role and are there to help with any questions you’ll have.

Parents and Teachers

We’ll support your children through their first experience of the recruitment process as well as giving them the best possible start to their career. Here is your chance to get to know everything you need to help support your child in their recruitment journey and their first role.

A strength-based interview is based on asking a candidate to talk about what their strengths are. We have a couple of standard questions to prompt the discussion however this is your child's chance to tell us what really makes them shine.

The assessment centres will comprise of an individual task, followed by a role play and group activity. We shall also have a competency-based interview at our assessment centre. Should your child make it to the assessment centre we would love you to come along and get to know us and ask us any questions you may want to about Tarmac, what we do or anything else.

Please note: Due to the volume of applications we receive, we are unable to provide specific feedback until after the assessment centre stage, where you will receive a phone call.


Why Tarmac?


From the bridges and roads you drive on, to the skyscrapers and houses you live and work in, Tarmac's solutions are part of the fabric of our everyday lives. Tarmac, a CRH company, is the UK's leading sustainable building materials and constructions solutions business.

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