You’ll keep our business running efficiently, making sure all sites, equipment and operational processes are optimised.

Mechanical, Electrical, Systems, Technical, Civil – we offer a wide range of opportunities across our operational sites as well as on road surfacing contracts. The wide variety of our business means there’s a huge number of new learning opportunities – our engineers have worked on some of the most iconic infrastructure projects in the UK including Wembley Stadium, The Shard and Europe’s largest infrastructure project ‘HS2’.

Our engineering positions are either fixed or mobile. A fixed role means you’re allocated a site on joining the business and that’s where you’ll work to help us become more efficient. A mobile engineer might have multiple sites in a cluster where you’ll be required to support with a variety of opportunities with a variety of challenges.

Qualifications and accreditations on offer

After gaining a qualification, you may also be eligible to apply to receive EngTech (Engineering Technician) status with the institute of Mechanical Engineers. This is a formal recognition of your engineering skills and competence and an important step towards becoming an Incorporated Engineer or a Chartered Engineer. Just a taste of the wide variety of the qualifications on offer in these teams include:

  • Extractives maintenance level 3
  • Extractives maintenance supervision
  • Level 3 maintenance operations engineering technician
Our Teams

Chemical Engineering – Our chemical engineers are predominantly based at our larger quarries and have some crossover with our process engineers. You’ll analyse the chemicals we use in our processes, working closely with our technical teams to ensure we’re being as efficient as possible with the chemicals we use and how we use them. You’ll have a keen eye for detail and understand the range of products we develop, their properties and what we want them to do in great detail.

Mechanical Engineering – Design, develop, build and test. You’ll work on our plant and machinery, from hydraulics and pneumatics to gaseous systems. This is a broad remit with a variety of areas of specialisms, including identifying and fixing faults, fabrication and welding. Due to the hours some of our sites operate, you’ll often be required to work a variety of shifts - sometimes this might include working at height or in confined spaces. You’ll have a passion for fixing things and will have a real impact on helping our business keep running efficiently.

Electrical Engineering – You’ll have a similar remit to the mechanical engineering teams, just working to fix electronics, and enjoy plenty of collaborative working. You’ll need PLC (Programmable logic controllers) experience as well as high voltage considering the large equipment you might be working with.

Process Engineering – Our process engineers look at our end-to-end processes, or sometimes just specific areas or stages of a process, to identify more efficient and effective ways of working when making products. You’ll identify areas for improvement and look at new technologies or process changes for developing new products or products with very specific property requirements.

Graduate Programmes

Learn more about our Cement, Lime and Packed international technical graduate programme in our brochure.


Why Tarmac?

All our operational colleagues will be given a two-day induction at our National Skills and Safety Park, where our state-of-the-art facility will replicate live scenarios, so you’ll know what to expect and how to deal with it. If you’re passionate about driving safety standards and making sure people get home safe, this is the team for you.


From the bridges and roads you drive on, to the skyscrapers and houses you live and work in, Tarmac's solutions are part of the fabric of our everyday lives. Tarmac, a CRH company, is the UK's leading sustainable building materials and constructions solutions business.

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