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You’ll help us bring it all together, showcasing knowledge and experience to work effectively with both the operational and corporate functions teams in our business.

Our roles in these areas of the business are primarily site-based and all about getting hold of those precious materials as sustainably as possible, ensuring they are high quality and then selling them on to our customers. From aggregates and concrete to cement, lime and building products sold in building merchant retail stores across the UK, our operational teams do it all.

Why join us?

Working in customer services and commercial gives you a brilliant blend of corporate functions and operations exposure.

Customer Service Teams

Distribution Supervisors – The distribution supervisors manage a team of customer services coordinators, capacity planners and fleet distribution. They are responsible for achieving defined KPI’s (key performance indicators), whilst managing a team for a specific geographic area and providing structured personal development for their teams. The supervisors are also responsible for managing relationships with key customers and specific units within their area. The role is both varied and fast-paced but provides the opportunity to do something different every single day.

Customer Services – Our customer services team are the face of the Tarmac distribution business for our customers. Roles in this team will see colleagues field calls from customers to enquire about goods and services, place orders, chase deliveries and in extreme cases manage complaints. They also work with the other departments internally to provide updates for our customers and provide industry-leading customer service.

Capacity Planning – This is a team of colleagues to plan our asphalt orders in the most economical way to maximise our plant utilisation, whilst satisfying the demands of our customers. The role requires sound technical knowledge, fast paced decision-making, relationship building, negotiation skills and commercial acumen. The team then need to work with our fleet team to ensure our trucks are in the right place, and our customers to encourage sound forward planning that improves business decisions.

Fleet Planner – A Fleet Planner will manage the schedule planning for a defined pool of trucks within a specific geography. The aim is to maximise loads per day, reduce empty mileage and drive for sustained earnings for their fleet. The team also use negotiation skills to manage a variable pool of work, as well as being adaptable to changes such as traffic, breakdowns, key contracts and fluctuations in workload.

Commercial Teams

External Sales – Our external sales representatives are the face of our company when dealing with customers in person. The primary role of an external sales representative is to generate new leads and convert them into sales. The team actively prospect for potential clients, identify their needs, and present tailored solutions to address those needs. This involves conducting sales presentations, product demonstrations, and negotiations to persuade prospective customers to make a purchase.

External sales representatives are skilled communicators who build and maintain relationships with our customers. They possess strong interpersonal skills and can effectively articulate the features, benefits, and value propositions of the products or services they represent. By understanding the clients' business objectives and challenges, they can position their offerings as solutions that meet specific needs. Overall, an external sales representative plays a vital role in driving revenue growth for Tarmac by acquiring new customers and nurturing existing ones. Their ability to establish rapport, effectively communicate, and provide value to clients is essential in a competitive sales environment.

Internal Sales – Our internal sales team plays a crucial role within Tarmac by supporting the sales team and ensuring smooth operations throughout the sales process. Roles in this team involve coordinating various activities, providing administrative assistance, and facilitating effective communication between different departments and customers.

Business Administration – Our business administration team is made up of professionals who play a pivotal role in overseeing the administrative and operational functions of our organisation. They are responsible for managing a wide range of administrative tasks, coordinating operations, and supporting various departments to ensure smooth business operations and our customers receiving timely accurate invoicing. The team carries out multiple tasks, from issues preventing billing and raising of credit notes, to the timely management of complaints. Whilst not customer facing, they play a crucial role in ensuring our customers receive the best possible service and information and are a highly important part of our business.

Why Tarmac?

All our operational colleagues will be given a two-day induction at our National Skills and Safety Park, where our state-of-the-art facility will replicate live scenarios, so you’ll know what to expect and how to deal with it. If you’re passionate about driving safety standards and making sure people get home safe, this is the team for you.


From the bridges and roads you drive on, to the skyscrapers and houses you live and work in, Tarmac's solutions are part of the fabric of our everyday lives. Tarmac, a CRH company, is the UK's leading sustainable building materials and constructions solutions business.

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