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It all starts here. We can’t do what we do best (lay nice, smooth roads) without those essential materials to make the Tarmac.

Our roles in these areas of the business are primarily site-based and all about getting hold of those precious materials as sustainably as possible, ensuring they are high quality and then selling them on to our customers. From aggregates and concrete to cement, lime and building products sold in building merchant retail stores across the UK, our operational teams do it all.

Your role will be embedded in one of our key business units who specialise in certain products and services. We’re all doing the same job, your skill set will just vary and be tailored based on the area you work in. Safety is the top priority across the whole of Tarmac, and we’re constantly driving a strong culture of safety and health at our sites to keep colleagues safe.

Qualifications and accreditations on offer

Tarmac is a founding member of the safer by competence initiative – operationally, everyone should have a qualification for their job role. We offer seven different types of level two qualifications for our operatives and a variety of qualifications for our managers including. Just a taste of the wide variety of the qualifications on offer in these teams include:

  • Safety, health and environmental management qualification
  • MPQC level 2 diploma in mineral products processing
  • Foundation degree in mineral extractives technology
  • BSc minerals management honors degree
Our Teams

Operations – Operational roles are hugely variable, but all follow the basic principle that you’ll work on one of our operational sites – whether that’s a quarry, concrete plant, cement plant or warehouse – to help us produce and prepare our products. The opportunities are really broad, and you can do anything from working with explosives managing safe quarry blasting, to learning how mix and produce new materials.

We’re passionate about development and progression in operations and offer a wide variety of apprenticeships, graduate schemes and other formal learning and qualifications and accreditations to help you not just operate safely, but to help you progress your career with us as well. Many of our senior managers in operations have been with Tarmac for the bulk of their career in a variety of roles and different areas of our business.

Depending on the specific business unit you work in, the type of role might vary slightly, but the approach is the same and here’s a list of some of the standard roles you might expect to see in operations:

  • Multi Skilled Operative (weighbridge, loading shovel driver, materials mixing, general site maintenance)
  • Maintenance Section Manager (supervisory role)
  • Technician (materials testing)
  • Shotfirer (explosives technician)
Management – All our sites and business units come with their different challenges, so we need to ensure they are always run safely and efficiently. Management positions can vary from ownership of a single site or a cluster of sites, all the way up to regional or national level responsibilities. Something that is consistent across all management positions is demonstrating safety as your top priority at all times, but you’ll also need a strong strategic brain, good people management, communication skills and the ability manage a number of varying priorities. These are challenging but hugely rewarding roles as you have the opportunity to influence how the UK is built.
Technical research, development and quality – This team is responsible for all our product testing to ensure they meet the high-quality specifications often requested of us. Some roles will focus on product specifics, whilst other positions are more strategic with the focus on product development. This might mean improving and enhancing an existing product, or coming up with new products where there are certain challenges attached to the project they are required for – there is always a new challenge. The team boasts a real blend of scientific and technical knowledge and skills, with problem-solving, communication and creativity.

Why Tarmac?

All our operational colleagues will be given a two-day induction at our National Skills and Safety Park, where our state-of-the-art facility will replicate live scenarios, so you’ll know what to expect and how to deal with it. If you’re passionate about driving safety standards and making sure people get home safe, this is the team for you.


From the bridges and roads you drive on, to the skyscrapers and houses you live and work in, Tarmac's solutions are part of the fabric of our everyday lives. Tarmac, a CRH company, is the UK's leading sustainable building materials and constructions solutions business.

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