Tarmac Marine careers offering a unique way of life.

We are proud of our people. 80 individuals cover the 24/7 operations of our four ships. Operating in the coastal and inshore waters of the UK, a career with Tarmac Marine predominantly involves the dredging of sand and gravel in licensed offshore locations and the delivery of the aggregates to a variety of wharves in ports, harbours and rivers, usually on 13 to 37 hour cycle times.

Work patterns involve time-for-time rotations of two to three weeks as standard, on board a purpose built, well-maintained aggregate dredging fleet of four ships. Tarmac’s Marine business is an established company, established in the 1980s.

The range of roles available on our ships covers all the traditional Merchant Navy careers. Mate, officer, engineer, master, able body seaman, cook and cadets.

From Cadet to Captain

In a world of change a career at sea offers a uniquely flexible way of life. It also provides the opportunity of funded learning, personal development and career progression. Plus on and offshore training that will support the practical learning of specialist skills.

Join Tarmac Marine and your sea career will provide opportunities to develop, learn and lead. Most importantly you will also have time at home to enjoy the things that matter to you... for weeks not just days at a time.


Nick Tate, Captain


Bea Jefferis, Cadet


Alastair Ambury, Chief Officer

Keeping our people and operations safe

At Tarmac safe operations and working practice are non-negotiable.

Regular ship safety, environmental and domestic inspections are undertaken and in-depth audits are carried out, both internally by employees and by external parties like the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA). Crew members must carry out numerous safety simulations on board like fire and lifeboat drills to ensure that in the unlikely event of an emergency at sea, the correct procedures are followed using well tested equipment.

Deck officers and engineers have certificates of competency issued by the MCA which are renewed every five years. Able seamen must have navigational watch rating certificates. All sea staff must have mandatory safety certificates as defined in the Standards of Training Certification and Watchkeeping for seafarers.

An industry-developed “Safer by Competence” NVQ initiative covering dredging skills now supplements the general qualifications already required for seafarers.

The ships run under the comprehensive Code of Safe Working Practices for Seafarers, updated annually by the Marine and Coastguard Agency. In addition, there are a diverse range of international maritime rules for safety of life at sea, all defined under the IMO, the International Maritime Organisation.

Like the fleet of ships, Tarmac’s wharves are fully integrated into the safety management systems.

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Why Tarmac?


From the bridges and roads you drive on, to the skyscrapers and houses you live and work in, Tarmac's solutions are part of the fabric of our everyday lives. Tarmac, a CRH company, is the UK's leading sustainable building materials and constructions solutions business.

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