As a leader in the UK construction sector, we recognise the important role we have in enabling the transition to a sustainable, resilient built environment, the benefits this will bring to society and the opportunities for our business.

Our Sustainability team is at the heart of this philosophy, with responsibility for developing and delivering Tarmac’s sustainability strategy by collaborating with different teams at different levels across our whole business. The team also delivers training and knowledge across our organisation, from new apprentices and graduates to senior leadership. They’re a busy bunch!

Our sustainability colleagues get out and about to work with clients to understand their sustainability action plans, and support them delivering their vision, helping them understand any gaps. The team also play a significant role in internal and external performance reporting, and have responsibility for compliance across numerous schemes including Tarmac’s submissions into the UK Emissions Trading Scheme, Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme, Climate Change Agreements, Achillies: Building Confidence and Achillies: UVDA, BES 6001 – Responsible Sourcing, BES 6002 – Ethical Labour, SEDEX.

The team also monitor and respond to the development of public policy within the UK Government and Devolved Administrations, working at a business and sectoral level to ensure that legislation and regulations are aligned to our sustainability objectives and 2030 goals.

Why join us?

You’ll be exposed to a diverse range of experiences, touching all areas of sustainable development and engaging with other teams at a variety of leadership levels.

You’ll represent Tarmac with clients, ministers, politicians, government officers and regulators, as well as on sector bodies and trade associations.

You’ll help us improve and develop as a business, bringing together expertise from across the organisation to influence internally and externally.

You’ll not only make a difference within Tarmac, but the whole of our wider UK society, monitoring and reporting progress and building plans and strategies to drive the sustainability agenda.

Our teams

Sustainability Strategy Team – The team responsible for Tarmac's Sustainability Strategy and Annual Sustainability Report, as well as setting Net Zero carbon targets, strategies and programme. You’ll coordinate the delivery of our key Sustainability commitments, targets, programmes and actions, organising the Sustainability Steering Group and links into the various teams across our business, and help with demonstrating auditable compliance with sustainability certification schemes.

Sustainable Construction – Explaining the importance of sustainability and sustainable construction and why it is vital for Tarmac and its stakeholders is the core goal of this team. Responsibilities include convening Tarmac’s external sustainability panel, explaining sustainable product attributes and how our products, solutions and services can be used to make projects more sustainable for customers/clients. The team plays a central role in demonstrating alignment to customer sustainability demands and supporting the use of sustainability in commercial/tender discussions to win work.

Public Policy – Understanding the organisation and importance of public policy for Tarmac, including how the political and public policy processes work and engagement with politicians and Government officials is key to success for our business. The public policy team manages the development of key advocacy strategies for Tarmac priority public policy issues, as well as overseeing our membership and involvement in trade bodies.

Compliance and Performance – Understanding of the importance and impact of the many carbon compliance schemes impacting Tarmac. The team collects, collates and reports the critically important social and environmental data used by Tarmac and CRH. The team routinely reports business sustainability performance to senior leadership and business units and supports undertaking lifecycle analysis and carbon footprints to help with building data management and reporting tools.

Why Tarmac?

We’re constantly making strides to operate more sustainably in everything we do and you’ll help us improve current methods as well as developing and driving new ones to make sure we keep evolving.


From the bridges and roads you drive on, to the skyscrapers and houses you live and work in, Tarmac's solutions are part of the fabric of our everyday lives. Tarmac, a CRH company, is the UK's leading sustainable building materials and constructions solutions business.

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