Name - Mitoon Patel

Role - Regional Finance Manager

Team - Southwest & Wales

Based - Stancombe Quarry, Bristol


I graduated with my economics degree during the peak of the UK financial crisis which was a tough start! It was a challenge to secure any sort of job - particularly in the finance profession - but I managed to take on what was initially a month-long contract processing invoices in a shared service centre. My one-month contract turned into a six-month contract, which then eventually turned into a permanent position that saw me move into the finance control team working on reconciliations.

I joined Tarmac in 2013 as a cashier, with the pull of a larger organisation allowing me to utilise my economics degree considering the size of Tarmac. I was excited to join a business where you can feel like you're making a difference in society. I’d always noticed Tarmac vehicles and saw the brand on road surfacing projects, but I definitely didn’t understand the size of the business though. It became obvious quite quickly how many opportunities there were to progress and develop.

I completed my studies as a qualified accountant and was offered a finance manager role off the back of some positive feedback to a senior stakeholder, following some work I’d done with different areas of the business on a project to roll out new processes and systems. After four years in that position throughout the covid period, I ended up where I am now as a regional finance manager. My role now is primarily to support the head of finance as well as the regional finance team in all aspects of running my particular region.

I reflect on my development as such a great blend of formal learning and qualifications, alongside exposure to new areas of work and ‘on the job’ learning as I was offered so many different opportunities. Looking back now, I formally progressed in my roles pretty much every 18 months, and it’s definitely a huge factor in why I’ve stayed for so long. The size of the business, the variety of areas of work and the ethos around supporting talent to progress and working hard to retain people has meant I’ve never really looked elsewhere. I've never had to look for something Tarmac couldn’t give me.

My message to someone who sees a finance role with Tarmac and assumes that the construction industry might not be that interesting, is to think the opposite. We have so many different teams and roles to work in, and something great about the finance team here is that we’re embedded in the business and are consulted to help make key financial decisions. You’re always encouraged and supported to get involved in as much as possible as there’s always something new to learn, so don’t limit yourself and come with an open mind.