Name - Gregg Prosser

Role - Contracts Manager

Team - Traffic Management

Based - Dolyhir and Strinds Quarry


I’m married with two boys and love walking the Welsh mountains with my dog, watching most sports and I’m also very busy with my youngest lad at 13, taking him to rugby and boxing. My oldest boy works for Tarmac in the traffic management team as a trainee!

The traffic management team is there to ensure everything is organised and ready to go when we need to work on public roads or motorways. Nobody likes roadworks, so it’s an opportunity to help ensure things run smoothly and efficiently. We work strategically to make road closures clear and obvious, manage and communicate diversions for traffic, set up temporary traffic lights and manage equipment delivery to site works including traffic cones and signage.

My job is to oversee all traffic management we do in Wales and the Midlands. This involves a range of activities from pricing jobs and client interface, to ensuring my supervisors are managing their teams effectively and keeping their finances on track for the contracts they are working on.

After time spent elsewhere, I have been back with Tarmac for a year now and the business gives me a great work-life balance. I have worked away from home for many years, so work-life balance is what I look for in my job now. I really enjoy the variety of what we do and working alongside some brilliant colleagues.

For anyone potentially looking to apply to work for Tarmac I’d advise them to listen to what makes them happy – it’s not always about money, there’s so much more on offer. They could be like me and need a healthier work-life balance which Tarmac offers. The variety of roles on offer in our numerous business units means there’s something for everyone – take a look and do some research into the range of opportunities we provide.