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How many jobs are there where you can genuinely say ‘I did that,’ ‘I made a difference,’ ‘I made my mark’?

At Tarmac there are hundreds of them. Because the projects we work on are critical to our everyday lives.

Having played an integral role in shaping Britain’s infrastructure for over 100 years, we are now responding to the challenges of the 21st century. Helping to rebalance our energy mix. Making new homes more sustainable and affordable. Revitalising our transport network to the needs of a growing population. Reshaping our towns and cities for generations to come.

  • Tarmac is a leading provider of construction solutions that enable house builders to achieve better results, faster, and build homes that are more energy efficient and sustainable. In 2010 we created the first affordable, repeatable template for the construction of ‘carbon zero’ homes. 

    Today, we continue to offer solutions to help create homes that meet the highest standards of sustainability and energy efficiency - reducing energy bills for homeowners and enabling housing developers to build more quickly and cost effectively. 

  • Installing an asphalt surface that is able to cope with a constant stream of 260 tonne passenger planes touching down at speeds of up to 160mph is one thing. Doing this while the airport remains fully operational is another.

    From logistics, programme planning and project management, to innovative product development and installation. Our knowledge and expertise is unsurpassed. In recent years we have successfully completed resurfacing projects at seven major UK airports. All of this work was done at night, in the space of only a few hours.

  • To address the challenges posed by climate change and meet the needs of a growing population, we need to improve the way our water is captured, stored, treated and distributed.

    Tarmac is actively involved in all of these areas; pioneering solutions to accelerate new build programmes; supplying specialist lime products to aid water treatment; and providing innovative, resource and logistics solutions to support the upgrading and maintenance of the water supply network.

  • Rebalancing the UK’s energy mix doesn’t just require new ways of generating power. It requires new solutions to help create our energy infrastructure.

    Innovative solutions that will make renewable sources more affordable and conventional sources more sustainable. Tarmac is leading the way on both fronts. Working closely with major contractors and specialist suppliers we offer advanced solutions for the building and maintenance of new power stations, the decarbonisation of existing plants and the decommissioning of old facilities.

  • RAIL
  • Tarmac has played an integral role in many of the UK’s biggest and most ambitious rail projects, from the construction of Channel Tunnel, to the excavation of Cross Rail. Having worked within the rail sector for over 90 years we are now engaged in a number of collaborative research projects designed to deliver the next generation of innovative rail infrastructure.

    We are also actively involved in the maintenance and repair of the existing network, supplying aggregates for rail ballast, asphalt for car parks, slip roads and pedestrian areas, and specialist concretes for the construction and repair of platforms, goods yards, tunnels and bridges.

  • Tarmac is at the forefront of the drive to create modern, energy efficient, low carbon working environments that promote health, productivity and wellbeing.

    To this end, we are championing the use of new technologies and techniques such Building Information Modelling (BIM) and 3D printing to support the future flexibility of the design, performance and use of new buildings and infrastructure.

    We are also working in collaboration with industry-leading partners to find new ways to increase build speed through modular construction and off-site manufacturing.

  • The successful construction and maintenance of buildings that are essential to our day-to-day living, is crucial to the cohesion of our society and the success of our economy. Through early engagement we offer our partners high-quality solutions that are responsibly sourced, effective and increasingly more sustainable in design.

  • Tarmac has a long and proud history of supporting the UK’s armed forces dating back to the First World War when we were actively engaged in road-making in France. Today we provide a wide range of solutions, from surfacing runways, to supplying specially formulated concrete ballast for Royal Navy vessels including the Type 45 Destroyer and latest QE Class of aircraft carriers.

  • Working closely with our customers in this sector we have developed a pioneering range of products and services that not only reduce construction times and project costs, but also help eliminate waste and minimise carbon emissions.

    Our latest permanent reinstatement solution allows 100 per cent of the materials that come from digging utility trenches to be reprocessed and reused on-site, so there is no waste and disruption to road users is also greatly reduced.

  • Having worked in partnership with port authorities, local and district councils, DEFRA and numerous civil engineering contractors on a wide range of complex and challenging projects, Tarmac is able offer an unrivalled combination of experience and knowledge.

    Our expertise has been proven on two of the most significant UK marine engineering projects of the last 50 years - the Thames Barrier and Channel Tunnel.

  • Ever since Tarmac invented the modern road surface in 1902, we’ve been reinventing it.

    Making it stronger, longer lasting and more sustainable. Our market-leading innovations include porous asphalt and permeable concrete, which allow rainwater to be harvested and reused.

    And, it’s not just in product development where we are leading the way. Our contracting division is at the forefront of closed-loop road reconstruction, which allows old roads to be recycled into new ones. We’re using technology to provide data to better understand road design and maintenance for our customers. We are also a leading provider of highways management services and Total Asset Management solutions.

  • Tarmac has been a leading supplier of packed and bulk trade products for over 100 years and Blue Circle is one of the best known DIY cement brands. In 2011 we launched U-Can, an innovative range of pre-mixed, ready-to-use bagged and tub products that make every day DIY tasks so easy – anyone can do them.

    The range proved an instant hit. So much so, we received the B&Q award for product innovation in 2013. A year later we picked up a second award from the same retailer for supply chain excellence.


A career at Tarmac is whatever you want it to be. As a national brand with five
active business units and over 300 sites across the UK, we offer a wide range of different roles and career pathways.

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Our people are our business. In recognition of this we offer an extensive range of career development opportunities and industry-leading rewards, incentives and benefits.

Some of the range of benefits on offer to employees include:

● Generous holiday entitlements
● Contributory pension scheme
● Bonus schemes
● Support and advice for employees and their families

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Our graduate and apprentice development programmes provide relevant, hands-on experience, first-class training and outstanding support. Tailor-made for ambitious individuals who are determined to make their mark.


Whether you’re an ambitious graduate or a seasoned professional, if you want to make your mark there’s a place in our team for you.